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About Us

Studio CAMARADAS was founded in 2011 in Kyiv and provides Post-Production services in Ukraine and abroad. SHOWREEL

Post-production is an interesting and important stage in the process of creating any video product, whether it is an Advertising Video or a Feature Film. During the editing process, scenes line up in an interesting story, Color Correction fills with shades and tones, and sets the mood. And Graphics and Visual Effects can transform everything! The visible becomes invisible, and the non-existent becomes form and color. Every project is a unique task!

Our team provides an individual approach to each project. We are engaged in the realization of such areas as TV Commercials, Digital Media, Movies, TV Series, Music Videos and Broadcast Design.

We are specialists in the processing of video materials and provide a full cycle of Post-Production services: Video Editing, Color Grading, Visual Effects, 3D Modeling.

Our work helps your business to be successful!